Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One More Week and It's Super Six!

While it is not the first boxing tournament ever conceived, the Super Six is certainly the most ambitious. Pitting the six of the best super middleweight fighters of the world, the Super Six is definitely one of the most refreshing twist in boxing’s history since its inception.

Coming in to the fray are three European fighters – Carl Froch, Mikkel Kessler, and Arthur Abraham; and three Americans – Andre Direll, Andre Ward, and Jermain Taylor. Of the six, Froch and Taylor are current super middleweight titleholders, while Taylor and Abraham are former champions in the middleweight division, and Direll and Ward are former Olympians who remain unbeaten.

The Super Six will run in a span of two years, with each fighter projected to have fought at least five times in a modified round-robin elimination with the four best scores going to the semifinals. Boxers will get three points for a KO win, two for a decisions win, and one for a draw.

In the semis, the four remaining boxers will engage in a single round elimination until one is declared winner and the best super middleweight there is (that is if Hopkins is no longer active and not as good as he is today).

Kicking off the Super Six will be Taylor and Abraham facing off in Germany on October 17, and Froch and Direll slugging it out in England on the same date.

There is no doubt that the Super Six will treat fans to a great showdown of pugilism. Just a few more sleep and no doubt next week, I will be blabbing about the Super Six.

Check the Super Six trailer here and also check what each boxer has to say here.


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