Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rey Bautista Attempts to Redeem Himself


This has got to be the only thing that fuels the returning Rey ‘Boom Boom’ Bautista, 26-2, as he gears up for another battle in the squared circle. The Bohol native will be fighting Indonesia’s Marangin Marbun for the vacant interim WBC International featherweight title.

This fight should be Bautista’s critical gauge. Does he have what it takes to box again after getting knocked out viciously in his first defeat and being schooled and bullied in the next?

Mexican Juan Ponce de Leon, who delivered the Filipino’s first defeat, showed the world Bautista’s chin is a nice target for power punchers. Another Mexican, the durable Heriberto Ruiz, exposed Bautista as nothing but a slugger who relies heavily in his power-loaded right fist in the second loss of the Filipino’s career.


It’s nearly a year since Bautista stepped inside the ring. And this time, he has to excel. Not just with power shots, but with excellent defense, footwork, and rhythm. Marbun may not look so good with a 23-18 record, but the Indonesian must not be taken lightly.

As Sun Tzu said centuries before, “never underestimate your enemy.”

The question now is can Bautista prove he is more than just a hard-punching machine? Can he box? Can he dance around the ring if his opponent can take his shots, instead of trying to force the issue like what happened against Ruiz?

Can he evolve?


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