Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gorgeous Fighting Females

When it comes to highly competitive combat sports, those with well-defined female physique (plump breasts, nice body, and a face to match) are conventionally limited to do in-between round duties, which consists mainly of hoisting a number indicating the next round of the bout. That was before, not anymore.

Female fighters may have emerged years ago, but now we are seeing a new generation of femme fatales that could knock men off their feet, literally. These fighters may have taken the modeling and acting route, and they would have mightily excelled at it. But the call to fight was much stronger, fortunately for us, the hordes of male fans who equally like brawls and babes.

Laila Ali was hot. So was Vonda Ward if she didn’t have those muscles on her. But their time has passed and a new breed of gorgeous fighters is coming to take their place.

Chika Nakamura

Originally from Japan, 5’7 Chika Nakamura was a basketball star and famous swimmer in her home country before she decided to try her luck in boxing in the United States. Parading an 8-0 record, Chika is simply a knockout when she is not in her boxer mode.

As they say, there is nothing hotter than a hot Asian chick.

Gina Carano

If you ever treat MMA fighter Gina Carano wrong, expect to get a dose Muay Thai strikes and blows that will land you in a hospital bed with a busted nose, broken ribs, and a damaged spleen. Cyborg Santos may have given Gina her first loss in eight fights, but still, Gina is way hotter and prettier than the Jiu Jitsu specialist.

Ana Julaton

She may be petite, but this little Filipina will surely knock the wind out of you with furious punch combinations. 5’5 boxer Ana Julaton is more than just an exotic Filipina beauty.

She has showed tremendous heart when she recently captured the IBA Super Bantamweight World Championship in only her 5th professional victory, a feat no one has achieved, and against a 10-year, vastly-experienced multi champion Kelsey Jeffries.

Tiffany Junot

When in the ring, boxer Tiffany Junot is relentless. She punches in bunches and applies pressure to all her opponents, even against the famed Chika Nakamura.

Outside the squared circle, Tiffany, in one word, is FOXY.

Aby Rulloda

At first glance, you will think she is a model. Truth be told, Aby Rulloda is in fact a model, and a gogo dancer as well. But if you think you can get your hands easily on this beauty, prepare to be peppered by mean kicks.

Undefeated in four fights, Aby Rulloda is a kickboxer and she will definitely not hesitate to use those legs to give you a good spanking, er beating. Consider yourself a lucky man if she fancies you.

Fight fans, we are lucky indeed.


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