Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mayweather to Evade Potential Clash Between Pac-Cotto Winner

As the events leading to Pacquiao-Cotto: Firepower begins to unfold with the opening of the 24/7 series this weekend, news about Floyd Mayweather, Jr. inching his way out to fight the winner is brewing. Many boxing fans and pundits have called on Pretty Boy Floyd to fight the Pacquiao-Cotto victor if he wants to claim the P4P throne now ruled by Pacquiao.

But it seems Floyd has other plans underway. And it does not involve fighting Pacquiao-Cotto winner, nor does it entail a match with Shane Mosley, Paul Williams, and Andre Berto. Simply put, Floyd does not have any schemes to fight any legitimate welterweight.

Instead, Floyd has his sights on a 19-year old Mexican slugger Saul Alvarez. Relatively unknown, Alvarez sports a record of 29-0,22 KOs. But while he definitely has power he lacks experience and skills he requires to compete with the A-listers of the welterweight division.

Golden Boy Promotions’ second-in-command Richard Schaeffer is already selling a potential match between Mayweather and Alvarez sometime in 2010. Alvarez-Mayweather is estimated to sell 100,000 tickets if held in Aztec Stadium. Loaded with BS, no?

Mayweather already discredited himself by beating a blown-up lightweight (no disrespect to Juan Manuel Marquez, he’s one of the best boxers there is). If he does opt to fight Alvarez, then he will not only stain his image, but ruin his legacy as well.

If Floyd wants people to believe in him when he says he is the best, then it is in his best interest that he fights those who are in the top and are his size. But if he does end up fighting the kid, then it’s pretty much clear that it’s all about the money.

It may be a good move for him business wise, but that would be a great disservice to the sport and its fans. When will Floyd truly prove his great?


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