Sunday, October 18, 2009

Froch and Abraham Triumphant Against Americans

British Carl Froch and Germany’s Arthur Abraham have succeeded in garnering their respective wins in the first stage of the first round of the Super Six World Boxing Classic. Froch edged out Andre Dirrell in a split decision in what was a very thrilling match. In the German part of Europe, Abraham proved to be too powerful for the talented Jermain Taylor and knocked him out in the final round.

It proved to be a great night for both Europeans, staging great fights in Europe’s soil.

As expected, the younger and faster Dirrell danced around Froch and hitting him with crisp jabs and some solid shots. The early rounds saw a frustrated Froch trying to deliver his own dose of power bombs.

This pattern remained on its course until Froch found some openings in the later rounds and succeeded in transforming this bout into a brawl. And brawling is something Dirrell is not used to. Froch easily capitalized on the situation and asserted himself over Dirrell in most part of the bout.

With the win, Froch advances to the tournament with two points and elevated his record to 26-0, 20 KOs, while Dirrell suffered his first defeat in 19 bouts.

In Germany, Abraham versus Taylor seemed to be the reminiscent of Froch versus Taylor. What we all saw was the same stuff that unfolded last April. Taylor dominated the first half, gassed out, and got knocked as the 12th round was nearing its end.

After the fight, boxing pundits (most of them anyway) are now coming to a conclusion where Taylor is now on his way down and probable retirement awaits him after the tournament. Such concurrence is quite understandable considering that Taylor fades in a fight. He ran our out of steam against Kelly Pavlik, Carl Froch, and now Abraham.

This is Taylor’s fourth defeat and his second consecutive following his loss to Froch.

Winning his 31st fight in a row, Abraham proves to be a scary prospect for the other entrants of the Super Six. Not only did he win his first fight at the super middleweight level, he carried his destructive punching power with him.

Abraham’s record now stands at 31-0, 25 KOs. Taylor drops to 27-4, 17 KOs.

Next month, we’ll see how the young Andre Ward will fare against the tournament’s heavy favorite Mikkel Kessler of Denmark.



As a huge boxing fan,I was appaulled at the refereeing of these two bouts.You promoters should be ashamed,what a joke.One is they barely spoke English and two is I think it was their first fights.The ref for the first fight should be fired asap for not knowing Taylor suffered a seizure and he kept counting,how F---ing sad.The second fight was even a better joke with Froch punching in the back of the head at least 20 times and no warning at all. I thought I was going to like the Super Six, It's a huge joke. What a scam, another bad picture of the boxing world getting the fix put to it.I wish Guiliani was the commish so he would throw all you promoters in jail,your the biggest gangsters ever.Gotti has nothing on you guys.

Kenneth Ragpala

Hello Anonymous and thanks for the read.

Here's the thing about boxing if you really are a huge boxing fan. If you are the challenger fighting the champion in his own turf, you cannot expect the hometown crowd to see things your way. Do not rely on the ref and most especially do not think judges will favor you.

If you want to win, knock the champion out. That should have been Dirrell's game plan from the get go. The American may have pulled an upset, but still, he was on enemy's territory - a decision should have never been an aim.

And with regards to the referees, I think there are times when both fighters should have been warned. With regards to the Taylor knockout, I think the referee thought Taylor would be able to recover.

But yeah, Taylor got knocked out. At the end of the day, his skills were not enough.

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