Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Properly Apply Handwraps

ing handwraps are not just some fancy piece of fabric you put around your hands before you lace your boxing gloves up. This piece of fabric is there because it intends to protect your hands from sustaining serious injuries due to extensive and continuous punching and at the same time, blocking and parrying your opponent’s strikes.

That said, you need some expert hands to apply the handwraps or else suffer some grave consequences come fight time. Handwraps should not be too loose as it can get untangled quickly and will affect the way you perform. On the other hand, handwraps should not be too tight as they would constrict the blood flow in your hands, which also greatly alters the way you fight.

Below is an Expert Village video of Leo Cardenas, a professional boxer, demonstrating the proper application of the handwraps.


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