Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super Six Kick-Off: Froch against Dirrell, Abraham versus Taylor

And like the calm before the storm, we are now entrenched in a sudden quietness before the boxing gloves thud and bodies came crashing and slamming into the canvas. As we wait for the Super Six to unfold, perhaps the most significant boxing tournament ever designed, here’s my amateurish analysis of the fighters who are to kickoff the event.

Carl Froch vs. Andre Dirrell
Nottingham, England

Froch (25-0, 20 KOs) and Andre Direll (18-0, 13 KOs) are not lost for words when they refer to the other. But all the trash talking and verbal jabbing come to a halt as they let their gloves make the statements with exclamation points.

Froch, despite his unblemished record and the fact that the WBC Super Middleweight belt hangs around his waist, is the unanimous underdog of the tournament. At 32, Froch is the oldest entrant of the tournament and his age might play a factor in his first fight against the younger and more athletic Dirrell.

However, Froch has extreme durability, packs devastating power in his right hand, and parades an iron chin which was vital in his last fight against fellow Super Six entrant Jermain Taylor. In what was a losing battle on the points for the Englishman, Froch suddenly unleashed a last round barrage on Taylor, which culminated in a knockout 15 seconds before the end of the final round.

For his part, the 26-year old Dirrell has youth, quickness and power on his side. An amateur standout and a former Olympian, Dirrell can and will dominate Froch early on. However, Dirrell has never fought someone as resilient as Froch and it would be interesting to see how Dirrell would compensate should Froch refuses to wear down after a projected early phase attack from the young American.

Odds: 60-40 in favor of Froch

Arthur Abraham vs. Jermain Taylor
Berlin, Germany

In a fight that will pit power versus skill, Abraham (30-0, 24 KOs) of Germany and Taylor (28-3-1, 17 KOs) of the United States are slated to lay it all out. While there is no championship belt involved, expect fireworks from these two once they meet inside the ring.

Abraham will be having trouble finding his range against the much skillful Taylor, who is perhaps the most multi-talented boxer he has ever faced. Shorter by two inches, 5'10" Abraham has to neutralize the height advantage as well as reach advantage enjoyed by the American by pressuring him to the ropes. Mean power-punching coupled with precision would be the key to Abraham’s victory.

Taylor, on the other hand, must not repeat the mistake he made in his bout against Froch - he paused on the offensive and allowed the Englishman to take the momentum.

There is no doubt to Taylor’s superiority when it comes to skills, but even a superior boxer is often beat by one that possesses a bigger heart. And when it comes to heart, Abraham is winner and he displayed that when he successfully captured his middleweight title (he relinquished it prior to participating in the Super Six) against Edison Miranda despite a broken jaw.

Odds: 70-30 in favor of Abraham.


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