Monday, January 25, 2010

Roger Mayweather: Crack History 101

And the accusations still flies even after WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao moved on and laid his belt on the line against top welterweight contender Joshua Clottey. This time, Roger Mayweather now named the substance he “knows” Pacquiao is using – A-Side meth.

And Mayweather also threw in some history too. A-Side meth has been in the scene since for centuries now and was critical during the war between Filipinos and Americans that occur approximately 500 years ago. And get this, American were already using 45 calibers against Filipinos, but the bullets were just bouncing off them Filipinos’ backsides.

All these occurred 500 years ago.

While many would just pass this rambling as some figure of speech, Mayweather was really convinced that Pacquiao is indeed on A-Side meth, and that this performance-enhancing drug was used by Filipino soldiers against American forces. He was so convinced that he was speaking the truth and at the same time, dumb.

So to really put things in the light, here are some FACTS to help you judge whether Mayweather is right or otherwise.

The first time United States got tangled with the Philippine forces was in 1899, which was sometime around 111 years ago. Far from the 500 years Mayweather was pretty much bent on declaring.

45 caliber rounds were not widely used until 1911 when the US Army adopted the Automatic Colt Pistol as the standard small arms of the organization.

500 years ago, around 1510, the Philippines was not even discovered by Spanish explorers. The Spaniards landed on March 1521.

The list goes on. But it seems Mayweather allegations of steroid use by Pacquiao now borders on the ludicrous. But one thing is for sure, whatever lawsuit Pacquiao has thrown the Mayweathers, Roger is clearly undaunted.


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