Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pinoy Power 3/Latin Fury 13: Champs Versus Chumps

Despite the prestige and all the hype, the two main events of Pinoy Power 3/Latin Fury 13 featured world class champions versus average Joes. Many have predicted (and they proved to be correct) that both Nonito Donaire and Fernando Montiel would win their fights respectively. However, this was supposed to an event that billed the best of the Philippines against the best of Latin boxing.

Ciso Morales, though undefeated, was clearly raw and green against the seasoned Montiel. The Mexican brought the fight to a quick conclusion with a powerful left uppercut to the midsection of Kid Terrible. Morales obviously did not prepare his torso hard enough to endure vicious body attacks.

On the other hand, Manuel Vargas was clearly outmatched, outclassed, and bit more than he can chew when he signed up o fight Donaire. Of course, one can argue that Vargas has little time to prepare. But Guerrero was no different as he would have ended up in the canvas against the Filipino Flash.

It is a shame that this fight promised a series of showdowns between the best of Filipino and Latin boxers. The hype and the promotion have done their part of fanning the flames to spark interests among Filipino and Latin boxing fans. Sadly, what fans got were two main events that pitted elite warriors versus foot soldiers.

Not taking anything away from Donaire and Montiel, but it would have been better if their opposition were somehow legitimate and threatening enough. Ciso Morales, who suffered the first loss of his career, is still young and the experience will definitely teach him a lot of things – fighting at the elite level is no joke.

Hopefully, the next time Top Ranks concocts another Pinoy Power-Latin Fury spectacle, they’ll give fans a war.

Others News

Gerry Penalosa of the Philippines failed to bounce back from his recent loss to Juan Manuel Lopez last year in a very strong and brave effort against Puerto Rico’s Eric Morel. While considered as Philippines’ most technically sound boxer, Penalosa fought Morel’s fight, who box intelligently, using his size and reach advantage to their maximum potential.

Of course, Morel was seen excessively holding down Penalosa’s head, which warranted a deduction or two. However, no deductions came, which could have changed the results of the fight if they were implemented. Another note to consider is that that it was a close, tight fight. Nothing to be ashamed of for Penalosa, who really needs to hang up his gloves and call it quits after losing two fights in a row.

Perhaps the most exciting round would be Bernabe Concepcion vs. Mario Santiago. Both men gave boxing fans a dose pure boxing action from start to finish, with Concepcion flooring his rival once in the 6th round and Santiago retaliated with a rally in the final push. Concepcion’s win over SAntiago sets him a showdown with Puerto Rican superstar Juan Manuel Lopez.

Although untelevised, Philippines’ Mark Jason Melligen had a good time dismantling Raymund Gatica. Meliigen finished the bout with TKO victory in the 6th round.

Filipino boxing legends Manny Pacquiao and Z Gorres were at ringside to show support for their Filipino brothers.



I agree. I would have to assume that Pinoy Power 4 will need some better matchups to be successful.

Kenneth Ragpala

Thanks for the read. Although I was rooting for Morales to win, he has no chance against Montiel. It's like bringing a slingshot to a fight when he other guy has a rocket launcher.

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