Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anthony Villareal vs Milan Melindo Round by Round - Bakbakan sa Sinulog

Round 1

Both men are feeling each other out. Melindo stalks Villareal, who potshots him with jabs. Melindo catches Villareal with a right hook and sents him to teh canvas. Villareal clearly dazed and holds to survive the round.

10-8 Melindo

Round 2

Strong right hands from Melindo stagger Villarreal. Villareal recovers. Melindo clearly the busy fighter.

10-9 Melindo

Round 3

Villareal lands strong jabs and hooks. Melindo unfazed and fires back with power shots. Villareal caught a straight right and holds. Melindo all the way.

10-9 Melindo

Round 4

Back and forth action with Melindo giving out more. Melindo catches Villareal with another right hook. Villareal counters with his left.

10-9 Melindo

Round 5

Villareal tries to land some power shots but it's Melindo who is landing more meaningful blows. Melindo is dishing out punishmnet. Villareal is clearly running out of steam.

10-9 Melindo

Round 6
Villareal seems to come back in this round. He's landing cleaner shots now. Melindo gives out his share. Villareal fires a combo to end the round.

10-9 Villareal

Round 7

Both men went all-out. Hard round to decide. But I'll give it to Melindo since he lands the more telling blows.

10-9 Melindo

Round 8

Villareal is countering well in this round, catching Melindo wiith some serious shots on the way in. Melindo staggers Villareal with another strong right hook. Villareal displayed good defense.

10-9 Villareal

Round 9

Villareal owned the first minute with good defense and landing some counters. Melindo took over and unleashes some seriuous shots to the head and body.

10-9 Melindo

Round 10

Villareal looking for a knockout. Villareal unleashing more punches than Melindo. Villareal staggers Melindo with a left hook. Melindo stands his ground and trades back.

10-9 Villareal

End of Fight


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