Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fighters Who Should Retire This Year

Call it stupidity or granite-headedness, some boxers really don’t know when to quit, to finally punctuate the chapters of their careers and close the books. Sadly, some of these fighters are those I have grown to admire when I was still in my childhood years. And this year, they are slated to lace up the gloves and partake in another beatdown.

Evander Holyfield (42-10-2) and Francois Botha (47-4-2, 2 no contest), Heavyweights

The 47-year old ex-world champion Holyfield is bent on retiring as a champion. And in an effort to do so, he is now on the stage with another aging boxer, 41-year old Botha, who is way beyond his prime (did he ever reached his prime?) and the current holder of the WBF heavyweight title. Seriously, what’s the WBF?

"I am going to win and I will cherish the WBF world title,” says Holyfield.

Seriously, what’s the WBF?

I hate to admit but these guys are so washed-up, and the fact that that they are fighting for a belt sanctioned by the WBF (seriously, what’s the WBF?!) makes them so wash-up even more. And get this, they won’t be fighting in the United States or Europe, but in Uganda. See how washed-up they are?

Gerry Penalosa (54-7-2, 36 KOs), Bantamweight

Before I say anything else, let me declare that I am Filipino and I love chicken adobo as well as sisig and papaitan even more so than the Pinoy sitting next to me. I have always loved Gerry and have watched him become an icon of Philippine boxing. But dude, you got to admit, at 37-years old, he is getting old. As technically sound and defensive-minded as he is, he’s over the hill. The beating Juan Manuel Lopez gave him last year should be a clear indication of that.

To Gerry, I implore you man. Quit. Hang those gloves. You got your legacy already secured; you have been through many wars and have given boxing a great boost, especially for us Filipinos. Heck, you made me proud when Juanma failed to knock you out, that you can take what he can dish. But no more fights man. You can be coach, a boxing analyst, but your time inside the ring is over. I hope you realize that.

Jermain Taylor (28-4-1, 17 KOs), Super Middleweight

I am a big fan of this guy. But with the losses he was dealt with, and the manner of how he lost, should make him really considering of calling it quits. Taylor’s last two losses (against Carlo Froch and Arthur Abraham) were so devastating that I am surprised he still wants more action. I admire the heart, but when your body can no longer take those types of shots, it is plain stupid to still ask for some more.

Roy Jones, Jr. (54-6, 40 KOs), Light Heavyweight

December 2, 2009. Got knocked out. In the first round. To an unknown fighter. End of story.


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