Thursday, January 14, 2010

James Bacon vs T. Singwancha Round by Round

Round 1

Bacon uses his jab effectively. Bacon staggers Singwancha with a straight right. Bacon unleashes a combo and traps Singwancha on the ropes.

Singwancha struggles with Bacon's height and reach advantage.

Rd 1- Bacon 10-9

Round 2

Singwancha mounts a body attack and repelled by Bacon. Singwancha displays good tight defense. Singwancha slips. Both exchange blows. Bacon giving out more punches.

Bacon 10-9

Round 3

Singwancha knocks Bacon down. Ref rules it a slip. Both men exchange punches. Bacon staggers Singwancha with another straight right. Bacon lands three punches before the end of the round.

Bacon 10-9

Round 4

Relentless body attack from bacon. Singwancha falls and yields.

Bacon wins by TKO 55 seconds in the 4th.


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