Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Only Man Who Can Beat Pacquiao is...

Manny Pacquiao is the whole package in boxing – granite chin, amazing hand speed, extreme mobility, superbly agile, and packs dynamite punches in both hands. The scary thing about him, though, aside from all attributes mentioned, is that he continues to evolve and this nonstop learning process adds more punch to an already high combustible mix.

So the question surfaces, is there anyone who can beat Manny Pacquiao? The answer is yes.

But before you Mayweather fans think it is your man, I am sorry to disappoint. Mayweather will lose his pristine record against Pacquiao, if the former chooses to fight the latter. He may be slick and skilled, but he is not THE ONE.

The boxer who can beat Pacquiao should possess at the very least, equal hand speed, crazy combinations, and who also uses his feet. The only man who can beat Manny Pacquiao is STEVE FOX!

Steve got this crazy spin moves, side stepping techniques and some wrestling skills too, Coach Roach will have a hard time figuring this bomber from the United Kingdom. Steve’s too unpredictable that Pacquiao may not know what to do once he’s in the ring with him.

when you look at Steve's list of beaten opponents, he has taken them all - resurrected demons, kung fu masters, taekwondo jins, karate practicioners, and even cyborgs and wrestlers. He also took on, err, wooden dummies, and pandas, and errr, uhmm, girls. But that's beside the point!

The point isthat Steve never backs down from anyone and is willing to fight them inside and outside the ring, where the penguins play.

And Steve will certainly want a piece of Pacquiao after what he did to Ricky Hatton, and he will certainly make Pacquiao pay. And look cool while dismantling the Filipino warrior.

Check how Steve Fox will destroy Pacquiao in this video.


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