Saturday, December 5, 2009

Z Gorres Out of Danger; Coach Roach Attacks Writer

My apologies again for not updating this blog as frequently as I want to. Been busy. Shoot me.

Now that apologies are aside, let me say that my prayers go with Z “The Dream” Gorres and his family. Z suffered a serious brain injury after defeating the hard-punching Luis Melendez last December 12th in Las Vegas. The Filipino boxer slipped into coma shortly after being declared the winner.

Z’s stable, ALA Promotions, has recently released a press report that the boxer is now out of the woods and slowly improving.

Kaya mo yan Z!


World-renowned trainer Freddie Roach is accused of assault and battery after he aggressively “approached” a boxing scribe who wrote an item on the famed boxing coach titled “Sick Roach Misses Concepcion’s Last Workout.”

Roach, who is known to suffer from Parkinson’s disease, is said to have felt degraded and demeaned by such title. Sources even said that Roach threatened to kill the writer if he does the same thing again.


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