Thursday, December 10, 2009

MGM Grand Heavy Favorite to Host Manny-Money Super Bout

For the first time since the negotiations began, Top Rank’s Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions’ Richard Schaefer hit a snag in their talks as the GBP executive canceled his scheduled tour with Arum and HBO Sports head honcho Ross Greenburg to the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Arum was visibly upset when Schaefer called him to told the Top Rank big boss that he is canceling the trip since he feels the place is not the right venue for the superfight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Arum was celebrating his 78th birthday when Schaefer called.

Arum also expressed his disappointment over the move as Jerry Jones, the stadium’s owner, was slated to personally give them the tour and pitch his proposal for the bout.

“I’m just embarrassed, really embarrassed,” Arum told The Associated Press. “The man (Jones) changed his whole schedule for this and you certainly want to listen to the man.”

With the Cowboys Stadium out in the equation, MGM Grand in Las Vegas is the heavy favorite for the fight’s venue. Representatives from the New Orleans Superdome and Los Angeles Staples Center have expressed their interests in having the bout held in their arenas. However, both boxers are partial in fighting in Las Vegas since they have fought most of the big matches there.


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