Saturday, December 5, 2009

Unknown Champion Cuts Down Boxing Legend in Jones

Whether its age, ring rust, or long-term absence from the ring, the journey of Roy Jones is over. Jones, who was slated to fight arch-rival Bernard Hopkins sometime in 2010, may perhaps consider retirement his best option, after losing. To a virtually unknown boxer. In the first round.

Danny Green of Australia trapped Jones into the corner and then downed the boxing great with a right hook to the side of the head. The impact of the blow was obviously visible, as Jones struggled to get himself up on wobbling knees.

Jones, shortly after recovering, was on the bad side of the bargain as Green rushed to him and battered him with powerful shots to the body and to the head. All Jones could do was cover up and try to survive.

With the defeat, the possibility of a Hopkins-Jones rematch has been reduced to embers. Green, on the other hand, retains his IBO Cruiserweight title and improves to a 28-3 record, 25 knockouts.

As for Jones, a legend definitely has fallen.


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