Saturday, December 5, 2009

Amir Khan Blasts Salita for an Easy Win

I really can’t understand why so many Brits love to loathe British boxing star Amir Khan. He’s a nice guy for crying out loud! He’s a great chap, hands down.

Born to Iranian parents, the current WBA World light-welterweight champion successfully defended his crown for the first time against the highly touted and undefeated Dmitry Salita. In what was a much hyped matchup, Khan only needed less than 80 seconds to dispose of the Ukrainian-American contender.

Ten seconds into the fight, Khan unleashed a powerful right straight that literally obliterated Salita out of the match. While the challenger held on to buy time, it was not enough to stop Khan from launching furious and rapid barrages.

With the win, the 23-year old Khan is obviously much better than the one Breidis Prescott knocked out September last year. Under the tutelage of Freddie Roach, who Khan hired after the Prescott loss and who also trains pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao, Khan is slated for higher heights.

“He can take on the world,” Roach said in the ring. “No one can touch him, I feel. Whoever wants to step up and fight, we’re ready.”

“I want to show the Americans that I have the talent, the speed, the power to do it,” he said in the ring immediately after the brief fight. “… I can only get better as I mature. I still haven’t hit my peak. I’m only 22, 23 on Tuesday.

If such thing is true, then Khan is a scary prospect for the contenders in his division. Pacquiao already admitted that Khan has the speed to match, or even surpass, his.


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