Sunday, December 13, 2009

Magic Man Overwhelms Diaz For UD

Like their first fight, Paulie Malignaggi went the distance with Baby Bull, Juan Diaz, but this time, the Magic Man’s boozing wizardry proved to be too much for the game and aggressive Diaz. He was simply superb and boxed beautifully. In a need to point it out further, what Malignaggi did to Diaz was the same thing he did when they fought in Houston, Texas.

Only this time, no judges favored the Texan native.

Malignaggi used his left jab so beautifully to sting Diaz time and then. The Texan was seen to be frustrated with the Magic Man doing his magic – boxing, quick lateral movements, and frequent 1-2s – while keeping Diaz on the charge.

Simply put, Diaz’s skills and abilities were no match for the Bronx native’s ring savvy. That said, Diaz had his moments, particularly in the fifth round, when he had Malignaggi backed against the ropes and pummeled away at his body. Diaz did not hurt Malignaggi to wear him down.

In the 12th round, Malignaggi made a surprising stand as he went all-out against Diaz. Malignaggi is no power puncher while Diaz is. Both men did go for the knockout, however, it went the distance. All judges scored the bout 116-111, giving Diaz the unanimous victory and finally sealed that controversy in Texas.

As Big Ragu jokingly warned boxers, never fight in Texas.


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