Friday, December 11, 2009

Is Paulie Up for Redemption?

I have always seen former junior welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi as a second-tier fighter. While he is a good fighter with above average boxing skills overall, he lacks knockout power in both hands. Should he be gifted with destructive punches, he would have been an exciting fighter to watch.

But then again, what he lacked in the power department, he makes up with his excellent boxing IQ, ring savvy, superior hand speed, and quick reflexes. And it was evident in his last outing against Juan Diaz in Texas that he was the better man in terms of all attributes mentioned above.

While Baby Bull was tenacious and aggressive, Paulie was cool and adamant. In a battle that featured a contrast of styles, Paulie’s potshotting and lateral movements gave Diaz fits, although the former also had his moments.

The fight was close that a draw or a close decision either way would have been the right call. But as Paulie prophesied way before the fight, hometown advantage for Diaz was more than just the roaring crowd. With judges who should not be allowed to judge again, Diaz was made the victor over the Bronx native in scores that showcased wide margins.

In a rematch that will be staged in the neutral Chicago, Paulie has the chance to redeem himself. So does Diaz. Both men want to close this chapter of their career. For Paulie, beating Diaz should avenge his loss. On the other hand, a convincing Diaz victory should end the controversial whispers that arose from their first fight.


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