Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pacquaio-Cotto: My Prediction

Me being a boxing fan always supercedes me being a boxing scribe and this coming November 15, I will be rooting for Manny Pacquiao in his epic bout against Puerto Rico native and current WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto. That said, I do not disregard any possibility of a Cotto victory. The no. 8 pound-for-pound best is no pushover and regarded as among the most feared welterweight boxers today.

Now that I have my lain where my loyalties lie, here is what’s going to happen come fight night.

Pacquiao will go for an early knockout. As Roach said, Cotto is a slow starter and that is one flaw Pacquiao will extensively capitalize on. Fans should expect Pacquiao to bring in the rain from rounds 1 to 3 and attempt to end the fight before it reaches round 4.

Here’s the logic of the plan. Cotto takes time in sizing up his opponents and a quick, heavy assault from the opening bell might distract his rhythm and eventually confuse him totally for the first three rounds. The first three rounds is where Pacquiao should try to knock Cotto out earnestly.

Should Cotto survive an early onslaught, expect a great shift in momentum favoring the Puerto Rican champion. Cotto is at his element in the middle rounds. Cotto will certainly go after Pacquiao to retaliate, but with more superior footwork and speedy reflexes, Pacquiao will try to coast all throughout rounds 4 to 9.

That said, do anticipate Cotto pinning Pacquiao to the corner and against the ropes on numerous occasions and throw some power blows to the body. Pacquiao, in turn, will try to evade any traps or retreat with sheer volume punching from all directions.

The remaining rounds will be crucial to both men. Cotto is shown to slow down by the 10th round while Pacquiao, if not seriously hurt, has the stamina and strength to go on for 15 rounds. If Cotto is unable to finish Pacquiao before the 10th round, odds will slowly turn in favor of the Filipino superstar.

This is where Pacquiao will be able to deliver a finishing punch and win his seventh belt in seven divisions. I do not see it going the distance.

My bold prediction? Pacquiao wins via stoppage within 10 rounds.

By the way, if ever you bet on Pacquiao with my prediction in mind and win, please do share your winnings.


Francisco E.

Ken! Whats good buddy? It's Francisco from B/R. I'm happy for your new blog and glad to see it doing well.

Listen, would Pac be as successful had Cotto never lossed?

Consider this:

Take a read and give it some thought...

Kenneth Ragpala

Thanks for the read buddy. I already posted my reply there, but I might as well paste it here.

Pac's success would have been on a totally different level should Cotto beat Margarito, that I truly believed in.

There's a big chance that ODLH would have picked Cotto instead of Pac. Pac, on the other hand, would have either fight the lightweight champions of the time either juan Diaz and Casamayor, fought Marquez for a third time, or moved up to fight Ricky Hatton.

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