Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mayweather Contradicting Mayweather

Smart businessman, he claims to be. That may hold true since he has been quite successful in terms of money. But claiming he is the best is a tad too far for a true boxing fan (that may not be the case for his die-hard lickers). Floyd Mayweather got himself in a heated exchange of words with the R.A. the Rugged Man in a satellite radio show.

Obviously, Floyd Mayweather was losing every issue Rugged Man throws at him, even called PBF a liar at a certain point. I for one was thoroughly enjoyed with the verbal jabs spewed by both men. But as a lover of the sport, I could not help but notice that Floyd Mayweather is contradicting himself on numerous occasions throughout the debate.

For starters, Floyd stated that Carlos Baldomir was the legitimate welterweight when Floyd fought him in 2006. Rugged Man was quick to point out that Baldomir had 11 losses then. Floyd dismisses this and implying it is not about the losses.

If you guys remember the argument between Brian Kenny and Mayweather, Kenny asked Floyd why he would not fight Shane Mosley. The answer came quick and in Floyd’s own words, the guy has five losses. So what about it Floyd? Is it or is it not about the losses?

Then comes another claim from Floyd. He said that he came from smaller weight divisions and would fight anyone on his way to the top. The contradiction came when Rugged Man asked if he would fight Paul Williams. Floyd’s quick retort – he is TOO BIG.

I have mentally listed other Floyd’s contradictions and they all intersect like that of a web of drunken spider. If you want to see how many contradictions you can find, just click the following links:

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i look forward to the day that the pacman will beat the hell out of BADweather!

Kenneth Ragpala

I think the proper term would be GAYweather. He does not want to fight top rated boxers kasi he's scared.

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