Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Would Have Been BAD Inside The Ring

I was watching This Is It, a Michael Jackson documentary when I remembered an article (a tribute really, from a boxing writer who also happened to be a big fan) elaborating on how the Prince of Pop would have been a terrific and perhaps the perfect boxer specimen.

Although the writer of the article was clearly poking fun at then recently deceased Mr. Jackson, I cannot help but agree with the writer’s points, which really hold water.

Seriously, Michael Jackson cannot last a single round with a standout amateur, but after reading the said item, one cannot help but think, “He could have reduced Pacquiao to smithereens with those moves.”

Here’s a snippet of the MJ tribute from a boxing writer:

"Sources close to Jackson in the past indicate Jackson was a great fan of the sport of boxing and had great hand technique as well as footwork. When news came out about Jackson's potential in the ring and a rumoured ring debut, several world champions were concerned because of his hand and foot speed."

If you want to read the whole thing, click here. Do shoot me with what you think.


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