Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Former Welterweight Champ Resurrects Pacquiao Steroids Issue

In an interview with legendary radio boxing commentator Pedro Fernandez, Kermit Cintron seconded a previous accusation made by the Mayweather boxing clan and said current pound-for-pound king and IBO light welterweight titlist Manny Pacquiao is taking something to maintain his peak physical condition.

“The guy started at 107 pounds,“ Cintron remarked. “Boxers who come up in weight like that gain water weight.”

“I don’t know how a boxer can get a body ripped like that without taking something. He’s taking something, that’s for sure,” Cintron added.

Perez incidentally echoed Cintron’s sentiments. But Perez was a bit neutral and really didn’t attack Pacquiao with the steroids accusation.

Kermit Cintron sports an impressive record of 32-1-1, 28 wins by knockouts. His last defeat, which was delivered by the hands of Antonio Margarito, is now in question after the discovery of Margarito’s team attempting to load his hand wraps with Plaster of Paris in his bout against Shane Mosley.

Whether it’s a true assessment or a publicity stunt to get himself in the limelight again, throwing accusations can be bad, especially if you do not have any proof to back what you said.

It’s one thing to be opinionated about something, but saying that you “know” is another. Cintron claims to “know” Pacquiao is taking something, though he is not keen as to what it is.

Both Cintron and Fernandez are rooting for Miguel Cotto in his upcoming fight against Pacquiao. Cintron is Puerto Rican.

Click here to download the radio interview.

Note: The Kermit Cintron interview starts at 40:00.



well you can't please everyone. i don't think pacquiao would go that low.

Kenneth Ragpala

Same here. A lot of them just can't accept that Pac's a great boxer and he is an exception to a lot of laws in physiology.

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