Monday, July 5, 2010

Melligen Coasts To a Unanimous Victory Over African Contender

Big props to my boy Mighty Mark Jason Melligen for winning a much needed victory over Anges Adjaho last Saturday, July 3rd. Although it was a tough fight and Adjaho came out swinging (in spurts, that is), Melligen racked up the points to get the all the judges’ nods after 10 grueling (and not so grueling) rounds.

While many are happy with Melligen’s victory, I think I am not the only one who is partly disappointed with his performance. Although Melligen and his camp already explained that they did not expect Adjaho to be bigger than they supposed, Melligen should have worked his performance up. It was not a so-so performance from the Filipino. But it was not a blockbuster fight either.

Still, congratulations are in order and I really hope Mighty Mark would improve sooner than later. The welterweight house is packed with talent and he will need to hone his skills to their sharpest ever if he wants a shot at world titleholders like Andre Berto and Shane Mosley (hey, his belt was not on the line when he fought Mayweather, FYI).

Photo from Mark Jason Melligen's Facebook Account

On a very different note, my PERSONAL take on another website offended a lot of boxing fans. Filipinos mostly, which were the subject of the said article. Now I did said in the article title’s that it was PERSONAL. MY OWN. MY OPINION. And there was even a disclaimer on it. And I get tons of emails saying how I am wrong.

Well, I did get it wrong when I mentioned Solis (Jorge) when I meant Sanchez (Salvador) Don’t get my drift? Read all about it here. And if you do, please place your comments here so I can debate and take on all of you who disagree.


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