Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adam Carolla: Unfunny Comic Disses Pacman, Pinas

A lot of my friends in the boxing scene, from the Great White Gorilla to the Preacher Man, have something to say to the unfunny Adam Carolla, a promising comic who was never able to break the barrier and cross over to mainstream popularity. Being Filipino myself, I cannot help but brand this guy’s brand of humor nothing short of insulting and degrading.

But there lies some truth to what Mr. Carolla said in his infamous podcast. For one, despite being a predominantly Catholic nation, there are some indigenous Philippine tribes who include chickens (live ones, not bones) in ceremonies and traditional rituals. Of course, the chickens usually end up in the digestive vortex as chicken tinola to complete the circle.

As a nation, we are proud that we have a boxer who has been able to rise up through the ranks of the sport and win seven titles in seven differen weight classes in the process. But we, as a nation, do not build our world around him, because if we did, his movies would never have flopped, his albums went triple platinum, and his political career would have begun in 2007. His canceled concert in Hawaii indicates that our worship to Pacquiao is generally limited to the realm of boxing.

With regards to prostitution, we also have some flesh to offer. But doesn’t your country have some bodies in the trade too? Aren’t Jenna Jameson, Jenna Haze, and Nikki Rhodes notable traders of the flesh industry in your turf? I bet they make more money than you (and that wanted attention too). That said, we don’t have sex tours as much as you would like to imply and for your listeners to believe.

Mr. Carolla, we do have our fucking shit together. Clearly you don’t. It seems the one person who need to clear the shit off the ceiling, is you.

Hear what Carolla has to say about Pacquiao and the Filipino here.

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Mr. Carolla, you are a fucking racist!

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