Saturday, July 3, 2010

Melligen Will Own Anges

I am basically saying this because I am a Filipino. But apart from that, I believe Mighty Mark Melligen has all the tools he needs to beat Anges Adjaho. That said, Adjaho is no doubt a tough man to beat. A former continental champion and a top tier contender, Adjaho is somewhat a hard man.

But I am confident that Melligen will come out victorious for the following reasons:

#1 Melligen is hell bent on revenge against Michel Rosales, who was supposed to face him. Rosales backed out, opening the door for Adjaho to come in. If I were Mighty Mark, I would not put to waste all that hate energy and instead, I will channel them to Adjaho.

#2 Melligen is hungry for victory and recognition. He is a man who wants a title shot and this is a very big fight for Melligen. A must win situation in fact. And I would not be surprised if Melligen’s hunger would be his drive to beat the African.

#3 This Bacolod City-native trains at Floyd Mayweather’s personal gym. Surely, the former pound for pound champ must have rubbed off some of his skills and passed down a few lessons to the young welterweight prospect.

#4 Filipino Pride is at stake. After a series of Filipino losses (Viloria, Julaton, Ciso Morales, Marvin Sonsona, and Rodel Mayol), a number of Filipinos are now winning again (Melindo, Bon Jovi Canillas, and just recently Ana Julaton). Melligen feels the pressure to win and he will deliver.

#5 Melligen is just a bad ass motherf@ck#r!

Photo from Mark Jason Melligen's Facebook Account


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